Food candles

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with unique food candles. Discover top ideas on how to incorporate food-themed candles into your home decor for a delightful sensory experience.
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100% Hand-poured Soy Wax in your choice of colour & according scent (please refer to the pictured scent legend)! - Vegan, Natural, Plant-based, biodegradable & domestically sustainable soy wax ♥️ Why Soy Candles Are So Great #1 – Soy candles are natural since they’re made from vegetable oil (soybeans). On the other hand, paraffin candles are made from petroleum oil. As a result, soy wax candles do not increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere like paraffin candles do. Furthermore, soy candles…

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Breakfast Candles Handmade Gifts Fried Egg Toast Coffee Cup Fake Food Art Home Decor Gag Gifts Eggs Stocking Stuffer Food Shape Candles Gift Introducing our Breakfast Candles Handmade Gifts, the perfect addition to your home decor or as a unique and fun gift for your friends and family! These candles are shaped like delicious breakfast foods such as fried eggs, toast, and coffee cups. They not only look realistic, but also give off a warm and comforting ambiance just like a hot plate of…

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This fruity cereal candle will give you nostalgia of your childhood. Hand-poured with 100% soy wax and a tart, fresh and fruity fragrance bursting with flavor - lemon and citrus orange with a hint of lavender and corn cereal. It’s base of vanilla and sandalwood is sure to brighten your morning. This scent will bring back memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons while eating a bowl of fruity pebbles! Top - orange Middle - lemon, lavender Bottom - vanilla, sandalwood CANDLE CARE: • Trim…

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