Freezer biscuits

Make your own freezer biscuits with these mouthwatering recipes. Stock up your freezer with these convenient and tasty treats for quick and easy meals.
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Classic soft and flaky Biscuits! This biscuit recipe can be made into freezer biscuits or baked fresh! These are our favorite homemade biscuits served as quick bread for dinner, biscuits and gravy, or breakfast sandwiches! The buttermilk activates the baking soda and with some lamination, these biscuits rise high!

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"I want these hot biscuits and I want them RIGHT NOW!" If that's your reaction, you're in luck. While immediate instant gratification isn't likely (unless you already know these biscuits' cold, dark secret), FUTURE instant gratification is a real possibility. And the secret is... Do the prep ahead of time, and delay gratification until such time as you REALLY need it.

Amy Larsen