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Discover mouthwatering fried fish recipes that will make your taste buds dance. Try these easy-to-make dishes and enjoy a perfect meal with your family and friends.
Making Crispy Pan Fried Fish without deep frying is simple - and so good! Fisher Fc, Pan Fried Fish Recipes, Pan Fried Fish, Battered Fish, Fried Fish Recipes, How To Cook Fish, Fried Fish, Fried Cod, Fish Breading

Recipe video above. 3 key tips to ensure your pan fried fish comes out beautifully golden and crispy every time: pat the fish dry, press flour on well but shake excess off well, and heat the pan first before adding the oil or use a heavy duty non stick pan. With a good fish, well seasoned and crispy skin, I don't need a sauce....but I've added a couple in the notes just in case! :)

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It’s such a beautiful Sunday which means it’s the perfect day to fry fish! There’s nothing better than a Southern Fish Fry on a gorgeous sunny day. Oh, and you can’t have a real Southern Fish Fry without lots of hot sauce and a glass of ice cold sweet tea. My eldest sister just moved...Read More

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Friday is the day that we abstain from meat during lent (and you might know the reason behind it). I cooked Fried Tilapia for dinner last Friday and had some bagoong Balayan (fermented fish paste) on the side – it was a blast. I might have abstained from meat that day but I miserably failed on the fasting part.

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