Garden ideas driveway

Transform your driveway into a beautiful garden oasis with these creative ideas. Find inspiration to add color, texture, and greenery to your outdoor space.
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Grey Slate is a great choice for an elegant yet contemporary outdoor area. The grey-coloured gravel is sourced from some of the most reputable quarries in the UK, giving it a misty slate look with tones of lighter grey throughout. Its versatility makes it ideal for pathways, driveways and patios, creating a modern, idyllic atmosphere to any home or garden.

Sis - I reckon something like this but with more planting starting wider near the house and then less near the front hedge so one car arks straight on nearer Tony's hedge and another noses in behind hedge a bit. Decoration, Driveway Landscaping, Front Yard, Front Gardens, Front Landscaping, Front Garden, Front Garden Ideas Driveway, Driveway Ideas, Garden Ideas Driveway

Do driveways cause flooding? Heavy rain events have shown that paving over gardens is a major factor in causing severe flooding. In 2007 alone, the associated damage was £3billion in the UK. Laws are now in place that require most non-permeable, traditional driveways to have planning permission - whether new or replacement. So here is our guide on how to reduce paving and increase planting.

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