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Empower your middle school students with Genius Hour, where they can explore their passions and develop critical thinking skills. Discover top ideas and tips to implement this innovative learning approach in your classroom.
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Have you been wanting to try inquiry-based learning in your classroom? Genius Hour is an amazing project that will take yoru students to whole new level!

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Update: I have had NUMEROUS request for my rubric and information on the inspiration stations. I very nervously took a step outside my comfort zone and placed these items on Teachers Pay Teachers. Thank you all for your support and interest in my work. You have definitely put spring in my step and a bit more confidence in my soul. You can find the items here by clicking here. Thank you! Genius Hour is in full swing! A fellow 8th grade ELA teacher and I are working through this unit together…

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20% Genius: Genius Hour 20 Day Challenge! Day 1: What is Genius Hour - Students use 21st Century Skills in a student-driven, process-centered opportunity for them to explore their own interests. Also known as Genius Time, 20% Time, Passion Projects, and Personalized Learning #geniustime #20percenttime #personalizedlearning Challenges, Genius Hour Middle School, Genius Hour Elementary, 20 Day Challenge, Genius Hour, Genius Hour Projects, What Is Genius, Genious Hour, Project Based Learning

DAY 1: What is Genius Hour? As we mentioned earlier....Genius Hour is where passions come alive! Students are given the opportunity to pose their own questions, problems, or challenges. With support, students will plan, manage, and reflect upon their learning. Students will switch roles from learner and teacher throughout the process. They will have the freedom to think independently and interdependently, take risks, and learn from their attempts. You and your students will not be able to…

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Two years ago, I had an idea. I wanted to see a class in my school that allowed students who are intrinsically motivated to do something they were interested in. I began searching around on the internet and stumbled upon Passion Projects, 20% Time (based on a Google practice), and Genius Hour, but it was […]

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Genius Hour in Middle School English / Language Arts Class or what to do with an exploratory class when you’re told to “just do whatever” This topic comes up from time to time in our Face Book group for Middle School ELA Teachers. The concept of Genius Hour or some other unstructured “exploratory time”

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