Gingerbread party

Host the ultimate gingerbread party with these fun and festive ideas. From delicious treats to creative decorations, discover everything you need to make your gingerbread party a hit.
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Sharing some fun gingerbread party inspiration with you today! We've hosted a gingerbread decorating party for a few years now. It's sooo much fun - for both the kids and the adults! Basically we just ask everyone brings a house to decorate and we provide the candy/icing/etc. for decorations! I've linked a lot of fun

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Gingerbread house decorating parties are full of sugar, spice, and everything nice! If you’re looking to start a new tradition this holiday season (and gather some expert decorating ideas), we’ve got you covered. We’re sharing our sweetest Christmas party tips and must-have gingerbread Christmas decorations. So run, run, run (as fast as you can) to learn how to host the best gingerbread party south of the North Pole! Just like there are endless ways to decorate a gingerbread house, there are…

Lisa Robason