Girls camp

Plan an unforgettable girls camp experience with these fun and engaging activities. From outdoor adventures to creative workshops, discover ideas to inspire and empower young girls.

After seeing my Girls Camp Pocket Post, you are probably wondering, "What are all the note cards in the pockets?" Well let me tell you...... They........ are.....SUNSHINE NOTES! My sister Candace came up with Sunshine Notes years ago, and they have become a tradition for her and I to initiate them into the different girls camps we are involved in. Simply place colored or white lined notecards on a picnic table with stickers, markers and pens; then watch the fun begin! The girls and leaders…

Teresa Martin
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So, this year I went to Girls Camp as the "Crafts Lady". It was my 11th year at Girls Camp and my 2nd time as the "Crafts Lady". Honestly, I never know quite what to do as the Crafts Lady. All I know for certain, is I don't want to do the crafts we did when I was girl... no offense to any of the women who were in charge of the crafts I participated in as a young woman. I know they put a ton of time and effort into creating crafts specifically geared toward the theme of camp. But I remember…

Gina Stevens Sorenson