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Just got back from the farm, so I've had my outside time for the day. Now to cook, do laundry, bake and do dishes. Hmmm ... Better pin fast! Inspiration, Iphone, Design, Typography, Poster, Prints, Go Outside, Graphic, Print

Oh, I plan on it. Shutting this sucker down to venture out into the glorious Spring sunshine. We're going to a BBQ on our friends' houseboat! Hope you turn your computer off too and enjoy the weekend. Here are a few fun links for ya... A chateau where dreams are made. Adorable packing tape. For fellow 80's children: VHS notebooks. A sweet way to display glasses. Fences like to get glammed up too. San Fran friends: please do this and report back! A gorgeous rendition of Moon River. A food…

Noel Dandes
2012 Year in Review: Best of Art Photo Quotes, Reading, Inspirational Quotes, Design, Motivation, Inspiration, Inspire Me, Favorite Quotes, Go Outside

Our most popular Art posts run the gamut as far as media goes but one thing they have in common is they're all beautiful works to visually delight your eyes and mind. With a little bit of humor and a lot of "How'd they do that?", they're all worth re-visiting for a little (or a lot) of inspiration. Read more to see the most popular art post of the year.

Kristina Schatz