Granny square crochet patterns free coats & jackets

Explore a collection of free granny square crochet patterns to create cozy and stylish coats & jackets. Get inspired and start your next crochet project with these beautiful designs!
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The granny square is one of the most ubiquitous, widely-recognized pieces of fibercraft out there. Almost everyone can remember finding one of those colorful, black-trimmed, usually scratchy afghans in their house, or the house of someone they knew.

Kathy Abbott D'Anna
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Starting out, I found a gold mine in crochet granny square cardigan patterns. They're like puzzles, each piece unique, but together, they create something warm and beautiful. This discovery came at a time when I needed a comforting hobby, something to pour my energy into during quiet evenings. The idea of crafting a cardigan stitch by stitch sounded just right. As I delved deeper, I realized these patterns offer a lot in terms of creativity and personalization. Whether it was choosing colors…

Marcello Bassanelli