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Queen - Nobody can match Freddie's singing voice, and I still have a major crush on Brian May.  Hey, I think it could happen! RW Queen Album Covers, Rock Album Cover, Foto Muro Collage, Queen Albums, Rock Album Covers, Queen Ii, Iconic Album Covers, Rock Queen, Steve Vai

Queen Album Cover London 1974 © Mick Rock

Image courtesy of Mick Rock. "When you shoot an album cover it’s different because you’re looking for that one shot that’s got to have broad resonance. It’s very focussed and the energy is somewhat different. When you do a photo session for a magazine, you have to shoot a load of pages. But you know with an album cover that once that image is out there it will be around for a while. Magazines are disposable, whereas an album cover is often forever." - Mick Rock

Renate Wolfe