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In this classic black and white sketch, Don Knotts plays a weather forecaster with a slight problem. Don sets up the situation brilliantly as he appeals to someone off-screen to please hurry up and provide him with the current weather. None is offered. Alas, the show starts without him knowing the information he is supposed

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Frasier was always a treat to watch, but one of the best characters on the show was Frasier’s brother Niles. His deadpan delivery and snappy comebacks always made me laugh. Cheers were one of your favorite sitcoms from the 80s. Everyone loved tuning into the bar where everybody knows your name - and its spin-off,

Cindy Kehoe
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There are many snappy and witty remarks on the show Frasier, so it was challenging to pick only a few of them. While Martin Crane was known to be the king of sarcasm, Frasier and Niles also have great comebacks. Frasier was in the living room, exasperated because of a loud commotion while resting. He

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Jerry Lewis is an American actor who is perhaps best known for his comedies and slapstick humor. He, along with Dean Martin, made the hilarious comedy duo, Martin and Lewis. He is respected and has been honored by his contributions in comedy, and he has also used his fame towards activism for muscle dystrophy awareness.

Josette Heroux-Rockburn
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Oh, how I remember the golden age of television with those magical Saturday nights with Carol and her comedy crew. Forgotten for more than four decades, this funny clip from a lost episode of The Carol Burnett Show is short but oh so sweet. Surely you don’t need to be reminded about the zany, gut-busting

Joanne Hovanec