Greek dolmades

Discover mouthwatering Greek dolmades recipes that will transport you to the Mediterranean. Learn how to make these flavorful stuffed grape leaves and impress your friends and family.
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Dolmades (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

I truly could eat dolmades every day. This fun Greek dish can be eaten warm as an appetizer with some of the pan juices spooned on top, room temperature, and even cold straight out of the fridge. Dolmades are delicious served with freshly squeezed lemon or tzatziki sauce and are perfect for a mezze platter. …

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Dolmades (Greek Stuffed Grape Leaves) - Herbs & Flour

This traditional Greek Dolmades recipe makes the most delicious, tender grape leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs. They can be made vegetarian or with ground meat for a delicious appetizer.

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Vegetarian Dolmas

I remember the day I tried my first dolma. I was with my best friend at a restaurant I had never even heard of that served Greek food. After my first bite, I was hooked. The details of this dish were so different than anything I had experienced before. Instead of a heavy dumpling, it was wrapped with grape leaves. Instead of meat and cheese, the filling was rice, vegetable, and herb-filled. Rather than dipping in butter, tzatziki was served. Nothing in my experience of American foods could…

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Homemade Greek Dolmades Recipe: Classic Greek Stuffed Leaves

It's been a while since I posted a Greek recipe. Today, I want to share a deliciously nutritious recipe for Greek dolmades (stuffed vine/grape leaves). I discovered this recipe on a recent trip to the beautiful island of Santorini, Greece (perhaps the most beautiful island in the world). I found it in a local Greek restaurant called Fistikies, and I was in luck because the chef was willing to share his authentic recipe for Greek Dolmades. Here's the link to Fistikies Restaurant, and I…

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