Gtube feeding

Learn everything you need to know about G-tube feeding, from proper techniques to troubleshooting common issues. Ensure your loved one receives the nutrition they need with these essential tips.
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You're at the store when suddenly you realize your (or your child's) feeding tube balloon popped! Or it got pulled out and landed who knows where! Or you're starting a feed, but it won't go in! Or you're stuck somewhere and you know you need to feed or hydrate, but you didn't bring your supplies!…

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7 G-Tube Tips: Shocking Lessons I Learned After My Twins’ Surgery Baby Development, Newborn Baby Tips, Feeding Tube, Parenting, Post Surgery, G Tube Feeding, Gtube Feeding, Twin Babies, Development Milestones

Having walked the g-tube journey, I’m here to share seven eye-opening lessons learned after my baby twins’ procedure, complete with pictures. 📸Visuals always make things clearer. 😉 This insight is geared to help you navigate your baby's g-tube path based on our experience. | G-Tube Feedings | Medically Complex Children

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