Gustave le gray

Discover the captivating photography of Gustave Le Gray and delve into his unique style and techniques. Experience the beauty of his masterpieces and get inspired to create your own stunning photographs.
Gustave le Gray.  Gustave Le Gray 30 Août 1820 - 30 Juillet 1884 Collage, Gustave Le Gray, Paisajes, Old Pictures, Historia, Isle, Cityscape, Lerwick, Fotografia

Flickr: Yury Prokopenko This beautiful photograph was taken in Belmont Newcastle, Australia with a Canon EOS 5D. In my opinion, I think this photograph is absolutely magnificent! The photographer effectively uses the rule of thirds to highlight the beautiful and colorful clouds in the sky.He also incorporated HDR to make the image more vivid, colorful and detailed. I really like how the dock emerges from the bottom right corner and moves to the center of the photograph. I also admire how the…

Andrew Grant