Hand crossbow

Discover the thrill of shooting with a hand crossbow. Explore top ideas for choosing, using, and mastering this compact weapon for target practice or outdoor adventures.
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Here is a project wich I made for personal training, I started that with a initial concept (which you can see at the last image) but I changed it a little to look more realistic. It was a great experience to made such a complex model in a style that I like very much, the medieval. I've came across several challenges in all the process, like changing the concept-art which I had to delve into research to create a more realistic junction of the objects. I learned a lot about materials too…

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Steampunk garb often includes a weapon, usually a gun. But in the current anti-gun climate what are some of your other weapon options? There are quite a few other weapons found in the world of steampunk. Below are just a few of them: Crossbow: Quickly following guns in popularity is the crossbow. Whether this is a natural trend or spurred by Daryl Dixon we may never know. Art of Andrew Kim Creator Unknown Creator Unknown Swords Another very popular weapon are swords. All varieties from broad…

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