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Explore a collection of stunning Hanuman images in high definition. Download and share these HD images to celebrate the devotion and strength of Lord Hanuman.
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Khush Preet (खुशप्रीत)'s answer: The sacred weapon wielded by Lord Hanuman is called the Gada, also known as a mace or club. It is often depicted as a massive, heavy object made of silver or other precious metals and is said to possess immense power. While the Gada is the most well-known weapon ...

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Lord hanuman is one of the most revered hindu deity. He is believed to be an incarnation of lord shiva himself (one of the trinity of the supreme gods). He Is Considered A Master Of Strength, Will, Determination, Wisdom, Knowledge And Devotion. Lord Hanuman is the Son of Vayu (the Wind). On Saturdays, People All […]

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