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Explore the vibrant streets of Harajuku and find the trendiest fashion pieces. Get inspired by the unique styles and shop for the latest fashion trends in Harajuku.
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Visiting the Gothic Lolita Punk boutiques in the basement of Laforet department store (on Meiji-doori in Harajuku) feels a bit like trick-or-treat. Each shop is lavishly decorated to match the brand image. Angelic Pretty is, naturally, an over-the-top pink candyland. The pastel JSKs aren't my cup for tea, and I almost never wear pink. I

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RENTING A CELL PHONE IN TOKYO, JAPAN: RENTAFONE. SHOPPING FOR CUTE JAPANESE GIRLS FASHION, HELLO KITTY SANRIO STORE. | La Carmina Blog - Alternative Fashion, Goth Travel, Subcultures Hello Kitty Store, Sanrio Store, Tokyo Shopping, Girl Fashion, Fashion Goth, Cute Japanese Girl, Angelic Pretty, Punk Outfits, Gothic Lolita

Take my hand and let's continue our tour of Laforet Harajuku. I previously posted photos of the Gothic Lolita Punk clothes. Now, we'll discover the sweeter, more casual (and wearable) side -- and I'll reveal the best cellphone rental service in Japan! Keep scrolling... "mmts" is girly and simple -- a contrast to the bells-and-whistles

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The complete guide to Harajuku - the cute, cool and crazy fashion district of Tokyo Harajuku Tokyo, Harajuku Fashion, Japan Fashion, Japanese Streets, Japanese Street Fashion, Japon Tokyo, Kyoto Japan, Okinawa Japan, Takeshita Street

Harajuku has always been the place that, to me, encompassed the Japanese experience I had always been fascinated by. The Harajuku Province, located between Shibuya and Shinjuku, is the heart of Japanese street style and is the symbol of Japanese youth culture. Harajuku’s street style is childish, colorful, cute {Kawaii in Japanese} and eclectic, and […]

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I'm not really into the harajuku style, but I think I'd have to take a peak in this tore in Tokyo. How fun! Harajuku Japan, Harajuku Fashion, Lolita Fashion, Kawaii Fashion, Harajuku Style, Harajuku Girls, Pastel Fashion, Hime Lolita, Lolita Dress

Off to Tokyo in a few hours! I'll be making the rounds at kitschy theme restaurants; I'm shooting photos and writing about my adventures for my upcoming book with Mark Batty Publisher. Naturally, I'll spend my down-time pressing my nose into Harajuku store windows, like the ones above… Kokusyoku Sumire's gosurori-themed café is on my

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