Harry potter quidditch

Experience the thrill of Quidditch with these exciting ideas inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter. Discover top tips and tricks to play like a pro and bring the magic of Quidditch to life.
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"Wha-How-how did you do that?" Malfoy questioned furiously. I gave him a cocky smirk. "Just a few simple jinxes. Guess I'm not that much of a Mudblood after all, hm?" His brow furrowed. "No-you're still a Mudblood. Do you not know what Mudblood means?" Her Muggle brothers never thought anything odd of Lainey Fitzroy until finding out that she's a witch at age eleven. Determined to learn and succeed, Lainey goes to Hogwarts, where she meets an array of life changing people, like the famous…