Harvey korman

Join us as we pay tribute to the comedic genius of Harvey Korman. Explore his iconic performances and relive the laughter he brought to the world of comedy.
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Watch their hilarious parody of the “Bicentennial Minute” TV spots of the 1970s. If you were around during our nation’s bicentennial decade, you doubtless remember fondly the many ways it was celebrated in every quarter, including on TV. The most memorable spots were probably the “Bicentennial Minute” segments on CBS—the same network that ran The

Mayme Weaver
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There's something fishy going on in this apartment building. So who is Tim Conway going to call? Shark hunter, Harvey Korman of course. You're going to laugh yourself silly when you watch this hilarious parody sketch based on the movie JAWS. Remember it? JAWS from the 1975 is one of the most iconic Hollywood movies