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Explore unique and innovative hat making ideas to showcase your personal style. Get inspired to create fashionable and trendy hats that will make you stand out from the crowd.
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Hello and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy this post. Also please check out my newest posts on my new blog Upcycle Design Lab. and visit my Youtube Channel here And be sure to subscribe to receive updates. Happy Upcycling, Cindy ********************************************************************************************************************************** Today's project came together all at once. For days I waited for any kind of inspiration and then finally yesterday I started…

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The Closet Historian: How to Make a Basic Pillbox Hat: Part 2 Couture, Vintage Sewing, Sewing Tutorials, Closet Historian, How To Make A Pillbox Hat, Pillbox Hat, Sewing Hats, Diy Sewing, Pill Boxes

Alright everyone, onto part 2 of the basic pillbox tutorial! When we left off yesterday, we had the hat's inner structure completed, now it is time to cover it with fabric! Take the circle of fabric you cut out earlier and center it on the top of your hat to begin. Start across from the seam in the wire and hat stand band (now the center back) and position the fabric so it is on the bias from center back the center front. Pin from the top through the tip of the hat to the stand smoothing the…