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Here are true histories of individuals and families who formally entered Hinduism over the years. The tales illustrate the six steps of ethical conversion which are detailed in the book: 1) joining a Hindu community; 2) creating a point-counterpoint of the beliefs of Hinduism and one?s previous religion; 3) severing from former mentors; 4) legally adopting a Hindu name; 5) having a namakarana samskara, the traditional Hindu name-giving ceremony and 6) publicly announcing the severance and…

Kanishka Rao
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Prithvi, a twenty-one-year-old, is searching for a mysterious middle-aged aghori (Shiva devotee), Om Shastri, who was traced more than 200 years ago before he was captured and transported to a high-tech facility on an isolated Indian island. When the aghori was drugged and hypnotized for interrogation by a team of specialists, he claimed to have witnessed all four yugas (the epochs in Hinduism) and even participated in both Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Tapalabdha Dutta