Homemade cider

Learn how to make your own homemade cider with these easy and tasty recipes. Enjoy the flavors of fall with refreshing apple cider made right at home.
A Beginner's Guide to Making Cider from Apples – Almost Off Grid Halloween, Harry Potter, Smoothies, Gardening, Alcohol, Making Apple Cider, Homemade Cider, Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar, Diy Apple Cider

It's winter now and we have some demijohns of cider we made in the summer which need bottling. As I looked at them this morning, I realised I haven't talked about making cider very much even though it's our favourite thing to make! As always if you search the internet, you will find many recipes for making cider from apples. The instructions will differ slightly, depending on the recipe. However the principles are generally the same. The following guide will give you an idea of what's…

Valerie Smits