Honda dominator

Unleash the thrill of the off-road with the Honda Dominator. Discover its powerful engine, rugged design, and versatile capabilities. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure with the Honda Dominator.
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It's hard to deny the allure of a rally motorcycle. Every inch of it is built to perform, and every part on it serves a specific function. Add it all up, and it's a total vibe; the very definition of form following function. It's little wonder then, that many modern adventure bikes take styling cues from purpose-built rally machines. And why the aftermarket is loaded with parts to convert dirt bikes into rally bikes—either to actually race them, or to simply make them more suitable for…

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Soli Moto builds the Baja Dominator that Honda never did... In the 1980s, Honda was a dominant force in both the Baja 1000 (victories in 1982 and 1984-87) and Paris Dakar Rally (victories in 1986-1989), recording four successive wins in each race. Soon enough, Honda was rolling out special

Claudio Corradino
Hat Trick: HB-Custom refines the Honda Dominator recipe | Bike EXIF Custom Bikes, Motocross, Honda Dominator, Honda Bikes, Scrambler Custom, Racing Bikes, Honda, Scrambler Motorcycle, Honda Scrambler

Creating a knockout recipe takes a lot of trial and error. But once you nail it, everyone wants a taste—which is why Holger Breuer at HB-Custom keeps cooking up juicy Honda Dominator customs like this one. Holger's first go at the revered Honda NX650 Dominator was a stripped-down scrambler that was commissioned by a client. Next, he took his favorite ideas from the first build, refined them, and built a second Dominator as a showpiece. It was a hit, and he's now getting more requests for…

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