Horizontal beadboard

Transform your space with these stunning horizontal beadboard ideas. Enhance the charm and character of your home with these top design inspirations.

There's something about spring that draws me to spaces that look light, bright, and tidy. Take this bedroom that I found at Georgiana Design: white walls and linens really give this room a fresh, clean appeal. Once again, I've taken on the challenge to find 5 DIY projects that could be used to recreate a similar look. Take a look!

sharon bilbo
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"Welcome to Skylands." I've actually dreamed of hearing those words spoken to me by Martha as she greets me at the front door of her beautiful home in Maine. In this dream I either shake her hand and chat for a bit in the doorway or I just rush by her in a state of delerium and scurry around the home squealing in delight at all of the fantastic details. To say I'd love to visit Skylands would be an understatement. It would be a dream come true. It is my absolute favourite of Martha's…

Robert Larew
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From decorative beadboard to vertical shiplap, rustic wainscoting ideas are here to add character to any lackluster room. The wonderful thing about this feature is that it is endlessly versatile and can be applied to any wall in your home. Style vary from board and batten paneling to shiplap or beadboard. Your choice can help create a modern farmhouse vibe or a vintage oasis depending on your overall design. Color is a factor in turning your rooms into rustic or farmhouse spaces. Vibrant…

Teresa Angier