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Growing up, I learned heard quite a bit about being careful not to allow toxic friendships and relationships in my life. You know those people who make you feel you are less than, leave you feeling yucky, and completely drained whenever you are around them. Most of us will deal with at least one ...

Angi Soliz
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Discover how to listen without giving advice and how to validation someone's feelings without agreeing....Validation is the act of helping someone feel heard and understood. Find out how you can give emotional validation and show emotional support in relationships.

Vicki Bridges
Are you in a toxic or codependent relationship? Personal boundaries are the mental, emotional, and physical walls we create to protect ourselves from being used, manipulated, or violated by others.

You feel pushed. Manipulated. Exploited. Dominated. Coerced. Pressured. Bullied. Controlled. The person in front of you has gone too far and has overstepped your personal boundaries. But you don’t know what to do; you feel weak and helpless. A quiet desperation rises inside of you. You feel like a fly stuck in a web. What can be done? If you struggle with energy loss and issues such as over-commitment, lack of assertiveness, and feeling exhausted all the time by those around you, keep…