How to start vlogging youtube

Learn how to start vlogging on YouTube with this comprehensive guide. Discover tips, tricks, and equipment recommendations to kickstart your vlogging journey today.

Many of us have experienced the desire to present ourselves in a more favorable light to our significant others, bosses, and friends. It's natural, and there's no harm in it. Human pride can be a powerful motivator, leading us to act or speak in ways that may not truly reflect who we are. Some of these moments have been captured on the subreddit 'Not Like the Other Girls' in some funny and entertaining posts.

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Far from every relationship is going to end up being healthy, happy, and long-lasting—people break up all the time and continue searching for someone whom they love, can fully trust, and who has similar values as they do. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be at war with your exes. It’s perfectly possible to stay civil, as you move on with your lives.

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You're ready to start on YouTube, right? When it comes to starting a YouTube channel, there's more to it than just posting a video. Instead, you want to know how to start a SUCCESSFUL YouTube channel. And that means there are some things you need to know before you dive in. In this video, we're goin


So, confession time. I don't know everything about vlogging in general, but I do know a lot about making money online. I watch videos on Youtube, I read about tips and tricks, but I still don't like getting in front of the camera. However, my 13 year old daughter Jenelle absolutely loves the camera. So when […]

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