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Poster for the 'AI: More than Human' Barbican exhibition Humans And Technology, Simulation Art, Evolution Technology, Technology Evolution, Human Computer Interaction, Human Technology, Object Detection, Technology Photography, Artificial Intelligent

We’re very proud to have collaborated with the Barbican Centre on one of their most successful exhibitions to date, AI: More Than Human. Visited by over 88,000 people, AI: More than Human explores the evolution of the relationship between humans and technology. Created by our Interactive Arts team, the Data Worlds section focuses on today’s…

Save Earth Drawing, Ecology Art, Environmental Posters, Seni Mural, Earth Drawings, Save Environment, Ocean Pollution, Water Pollution, Poster Drawing

I’m a professional illustrator with a strong fondness for political, social and human issues, with more than 10 years experience collaborating with several publications and companies across four continents. For a long time, I wanted to do a selection of my best works to show some of the problems afflicting the world nowadays.

Rajdeep Guha