Hydrangea vine

Enhance the beauty of your garden with stunning hydrangea vine ideas. Discover how to plant and care for hydrangea vines to create a vibrant and colorful outdoor space.
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The front entrance to my new apartment building in Exeter NH was flanked by an arbor with 10 huge climbing hydrangea vines, about 20 years old. Gorgeous in full bloom, a home for nesting birds all year, it was welcoming even in winter when the strong trunks had a presence. Then management in its wisdom decided to redo the entrance to improve drainage, and some landscape architect decided the vines must go. What's a devastated artist to do except make a collage? Fortunately I had taken many…

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About this item BLOOM TIME: Starting in June or July until frost HARDINESS ZONE: 4 - 7 PLANT HEIGHT: 50 - 80 Foot Vine . . . PLANT SPACING: 36" LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Sun - Part Shade . . . SOIL / WATER: Average The Climbing Hydrangea is deliciously fragrant! It looks lovely climbing or cascading over rock walls with its heart shaped leaves and cinnamon colored stems which provide a wonderful contrast for the white flowers.

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If you are struggling with getting your climbing hydrangea to train up a trellis or a fence, you've come to the right place! Climbing hydrangea is extremely beautiful, but can also be quite picky about where and how it climbs. In this article, gardening expert and hydrangea enthusiast Jill Drago takes you her top tips to properly train your climbing hydrangea to climb where you want it to.