Indian dream catcher

Discover beautiful Indian dream catcher designs that bring positive energy and protect your dreams. Find the perfect one to enhance your home decor or give as a thoughtful gift.
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✅ Each Dream Catcher of has a unique pattern and is made individually with the color and pattern you choose. Therefore, the 😌 Dreams Catcher may differ slightly from those shown in the photo. Large Dream Catcher 10*40 inch. Small Dram Catcher 7*30inch. ⚠️ Due to the fact that the coasters are made by hand according to your order, it takes 3-5 days before I can send them to you. 📕 Dreamcatcher is an Indian amulet that protects the sleeping person from evil spirits and diseases. According to…

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About this item SIZE & COLOR of the decal you can choise in custom menu. NOTE: vinyl decals may appear larger in images than they are in reality. FAST SHIPMENT: We make orders very fast. Your order will bee delivered from USA. BEAUTIFUL ART DECOR: Adorn your kitchen or living room with decals featuring flowers, quotes or birds.A perfect GIFT! BEST QUALITY: Made of sturdy ORACAL vinylin USA. We ship these wall decals on the same day we see your order! PREMIUM SERVICE: We’ll solve ALL issues…

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You do know what dream catchers are, don’t you? They belong to Native American folklore where tribes used to make these very pretty and very powerful charms that they believe protected the person they were intended for from harmful dreams. And as the name suggests, they would catch good dreams and channel them into dreams of the person for whom the dreamcatchers were made. The thing about dreamcatchers is that they are not merely pretty or picturesque, they are believed to be imbibed with…

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