Infant play mat

Explore a selection of the best infant play mats that provide a safe and stimulating environment for your baby. Enhance their playtime and encourage their development with these top-rated play mats.
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Thinking to get a play or nap mat for your baby? If yes then change your mind of purchasing as after viewing such spectacular DIY mats you will definitely want to make one yourself: 1. An Owl-dorable Mat Design Image via: goodshomedesign , 1800flowers , ldembroidery 2. A Play Mat With Hidden Storage Image via:

Sonja Frei
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This is what I made last year for little one when he was only 7 months old at Christmas and he just sat on top of it like a little Christmas pudding! The mat evolved as I worked on it as I didn't really have a set plan of exactly what I wanted to make. I knew I wanted a range of touchy-feely fabrics and bits of ribbon and to try to make different themes/scenes, so the outcome turned out to be flower shape with each scene looking a bit like a petal. I used bits of fabric that I had lying…