Jagdpanzer iv

Discover the history, specifications, and stunning photos of the Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer. Learn about its role in World War II and its impact on the battlefield. Dive into the world of armored warfare with this iconic vehicle.
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Combat experience gained during the 1942 campaigns indicated to German staff planners that the existing Sturmgeschütz close support artillery vehicles would have to be up-gunned if they were to continue to be used as tank destroyers, and the future standard weapon was selected as the long version of the 7.5-cm (2.95-in) tank gun fitted to the Panther tank. This gun was 70 calibres long (as opposed to the 49-calibre length of the tank and antitank versions of the Pak 40 family) and to house…

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Zwischen Losung Hi Guys! Another flat-topped tank-killer rolls of the production line! This time is it the Imperial Dragon Jagdpanzer IV L/70 (A) 'Zwischen Losung'. The kit itself was an absolute dog & I would warn anybody off it, even in Orange Box format, but surprise-surprise, shortly after completing this build Dragon announce (you guessed it) a Smart Kit version! No, I won't be rushing to my LHS to buy one. This particular menace is super-detailed with an alu barrel, Aber PE and Friuls…

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