Jewelry tree

Organize and display your jewelry collection with these beautiful and functional jewelry tree ideas. Find the perfect jewelry tree that suits your style and keeps your accessories tangle-free.
Making art from broken vintage costume jewelry - Denise & I share our tips - Retro Renovation Art Deco, Vintage, Vintage Jewellery Crafts, Old Jewelry Crafts, Old Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry Crafts, Vintage Jewelry Repurposed, Costume Jewelry Crafts, Vintage Jewelry Art

Making gorgeous one-of-a-kind works of art from broken, vintage costume jewelry is not "difficult" -- but it requires a lot of patience -- a lot of jewelry -- an artful eye -- and the appropriate adhesives.

Christine Hinners
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The world around us is beautiful and bountiful enough to keep us happy and inspired and this is a fact that is proven to us on a daily basis. Not only does the world offer us a place to live and nature means to sustain and nourish our bodies in a physical way, it also offers us the gift of beauty in the form of inspiring ideas for art. Yes, we are once again on the often repeated maxim that there is nothing more inspiring than nature for artists. The reason that we are reiterating this is…

Denise Peterson