Kari Jobe

Experience the powerful voice and uplifting music of Kari Jobe. Discover her top songs and memorable live performances that will inspire and touch your heart.
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Kari Jobe is a popular musician being promoted in churches, especially to our youth. Jobe, out of seeker-sensitive NAR Robert Morris’ Gateway church, is known for popular songs like I Am Not Alone, and Love Came Down. She is also under the leadership of Gateway’s NAR Apostle and elder, Jack Hayford, author of the song Majesty, which teaches the […]

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~Kari Jobe~ I only discovered Kari Jobe a couple of weeks back at youth group, my friend started playing 'We are'. They sent it to me and now i know it off my heart, last week when i went on holiday to Prestatyn, Wales i brought her cd called 'Where i find you'. And now i think i know literally every song of by heart! I love her songs, they have such meaningfull words! Well thats all for now...thanks for stopping by! Believe in yourself (pass it on) Because you're beautiful


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