Katharine isabelle

Explore the diverse and memorable roles played by Katharine Isabelle throughout her career. From horror to drama, discover the range of this talented actress and get inspired by her performances.
The Sky Has Fallen: Hot Girl of Horror #18: Katharine Isabelle Actors & Actresses, People, Horror, Fashion, Feminine, Katharine Isabelle, Katherine, Women, Freddy

Besides the Ginger Snaps trilogy (pretty damn good), you've got Freddy vs. Jason, which I loved despite its flaws, and then a whole ton of other horror movies: the 2002 Carrie TV movie with Angela Bettis, Snoop Dogg's Bones, Ogre, Hard Ride to Hell (cool title but the rating on IMDb is pretty low), 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, etc. So she isn't afraid of the genre, which is definitely good news for us. Most recently, you can see her in American Mary. I really want to check that out, but I…

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