Kinetic and potential energy

Uncover the fascinating connection between kinetic and potential energy. Learn how these two forms of energy interact and transform in various systems. Discover practical examples that illustrate the principles of energy conservation.
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We have prepared a list of worksheets on “Kinetic or Potential Energy”. It contains 3 pages. You can download the PDF below, Download: Kinetic or Potential Energy Worksheets Potential energy is stored energy and is waiting to work. Kinetic energy is energy that is working. Kinetic or Potential Energy When a dog is sleeping, it […]

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Today we discussed the textbook reading pg 88-92 and watched a few video clips that helped us to understand potential and kinetic energy and then we recorded our learning on pg 99 in a venn diagram. We then completed a 3-2-1- summary and turned it in so I can read what all of the students learned. pg 99-Potential and Kinetic Energy

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Do you like teaching science the fun way? This lesson, recommended for elementary grades, teaches children in a fun way about potential and kinetic energy as well as projectile motion. Originally, this lesson was taught in a coop setting with much success; however, it can also be done one-family style if preferred! What will you […]

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