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Famous people knit, too! From actors and actresses to members of the British royal family, these some of these famous knitters might surprise you. We all love knitting, but many of us knit for different reasons. From the numerous health benefits of knitting to the meditative nature of the craft, knitting is an attractive craft to all sorts of people, from retirees to hipsters. Some even use it as a form of anger management. Check out all of these famous folks who love knitting just as much…

Isabel M.
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Whether you're a sock maker or not, you might have at least one or two (or, hundreds!) sock yarn balls in your stash just like me. If you remember... there's time that funky 'self-striping' yarns were so popular in sock knitting world. I do remember. One day I met this mind-blowing yarn ball that makes pattern by itse

Denise Kalinowski