Knitting buttonholes

Learn how to create beautiful buttonholes in your knitting projects with these creative techniques. Enhance your knitting skills and add functional and stylish buttonholes to your creations.
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Buttonholes can make or break the look of the project. If the buttonhole is not right, it’ll most likely stretch soon after we start wearing the jacket, cardigan, or any other project that requires using buttons. Then the buttons start to pop out of the stretched buttonholes, and before we know it, an otherwise perfect […]

Yvonne Boyes
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A few months back I asked my blog readers what types of knitting tutorials they'd like to see. One of most requested category was finishing techniques, including buttonholes. My favorite method for doing buttonholes on a knitted garment is the one-row buttonhole. It is quick and easy to knit easy to remember more robust than a yarnover buttonhole doesn't stretch out like a two-row buttonhole To do this buttonhole you also need to know who to do the yarnless bind-off and the knitted cast-on…

Pamela McEvoy
The Knitting Pattern Designer's Guide to Buttonholes | Sister Mountain Knitting Hacks, Diy Knitting, Knitting Stitches, Sweater Knitting Designs, Fair Isle Knitting Patterns, Knitting Buttonholes, Cable Cast On, Fine Knit Cardigan, Casting On Stitches

Good knitting pattern design is all about the details; making thoughtful choices about the function and aesthetics of your design without automatically choosing the default. And today, I’m jumping right into the details with this ultimate guide to designing handknits with buttonholes.

Mae Kurkoski