Lace jewelry

Add a touch of feminine charm to your accessories collection with elegant lace jewelry. Explore top ideas to find the perfect lace jewelry pieces that complement your personal style.
Crocheted Lace Jewelry Inspired by Organic Specimens | Colossal Crochet Motif, Crochet, Amigurumi Patterns, Haken, Tricot, Amigurumi, Bijou, Stricken, Hoa

Japanese artist Miho Fujita crochets delicate sculptures of organic matter found in forests, turning handmade leaves, berries, and clusters of mushrooms into wearable objects. The works are all created from naturally dyed cotton, Fujita using plants to both inspire and dye her jewelry. You can see more of her crocheted works on her Facebook, Instagram, and online store. (via Lustik) More

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