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Discover proven strategies to help you achieve your language objectives. Enhance your language skills and reach your goals with these practical tips and techniques.
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Just as travelers need a map or a GPS to help them find their way to their destination, likewise students also need to be explicitly told what the final objective of the lesson is, and how the teacher would like to see the students achieve it. Research has shown that objectives help both teacher and […]

Andrea Gipson
Language Objectives: A Step by Step Guide – My Adventures in ESL Language Objectives, Language Learners, Teaching English, Esl Teaching, Esl Lesson Plans, Learning Process, Reading Writing, Learning Objectives, Language

Do you want to know how to write language objectives? Download the Language Objective Guide to use the graphic organizer with this process. This guide will walk you through how to write language objectives step-by-step. You may be thinking what is a language objective? You might not be sure about content objectives. Teacher talk can get a little overwhelming. I know when I first started I had no idea what all these words mean. Here is a list of commonly used words with their definitions. A…

Veronica Castillo
Setting Language Goals with English Language Learners | A Walk in the Chalk Inspiration, Ideas, Anchor Charts, English, Esl Teaching Resources, Esl Teaching, Nonfiction Texts, Teaching Strategies, Language Education

Do you set academic goals with your students? What about language goals for your English learners? I compare goal setting with creating a road map. We are at point A and need to get to Point B. So, we identify and target an area of need, then systematically work towards improving that area, tracking progress along the way. For students, this "road map" provides purpose. They know WHAT they need to do AND identify specific steps for getting there. Let's look at how setting specific language…

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