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Discover powerful leadership strategies that will help you inspire and motivate your team to achieve success. Learn how to lead with confidence and create a positive work environment.
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Where are you when it comes to investing in your people's leadership development? Is it an everyday function? A nice to have when the budget's available? Or… | 132 comments on LinkedIn

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The difference between Leadership and Management can be put in simple terms as:Leaders/Leadership: 1. Has Vision and Goals for the Future2. They become Game Changers3. Good leadership inspires everyone.4. Good Leadership will gain a loyal following.5. People in Leadership will be risk-takers.6. Leadership does not exercise total control or power over the workforce. It gathers everyone around for the value or goal it stands for in the organization. It can be financial goals, production goals…

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Underperformance in teams shouldn't be taken lightly. While some of the reasons for lackluster performance are out of a leader's control, others clearly… | 36 comments on LinkedIn

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What erodes credibility at work and what builds it? Most employees don’t think about credibility consciously which prevents them from taking the right steps to build it. They think that if they keep their heads down and keep doing the good work, someone will take notice and good opportunities will land their way. But workplaces aren’t designed to lift people with good intentions and good skills. Building credibility requires earning trust of people who work with you. It requires more than…

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To delegate effectively, managers need to be intentional about the work that only they need to do and create clarity for their team on the rest. They have to learn to invest in those around them by letting go of control. Giving up control can feel hard, but it’s also necessary for growth. It’s the only way to scale for impact in an organization

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