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Discover a wide range of stylish leather pouches that are perfect for any occasion. Find the perfect accessory to keep your essentials organized and within reach.
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Big Leather Pouch, brown This high-quality leather bag is perfectly suited for storing a wide variety of items like coins, herbs and playing dice. It is made of soft but sturdy brown leather. It can be closed with a leather strap, which can be fastened with the help of the riveted eyelets. With this pouch, many garments and costumes can be completed. It is perfectly suited for LARP and reenactment. Details - material: cow leather - diameter: approx. 11 cm - height: approx. 17 cm - colour…

Ben Hofmann
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You can view all my recent custom leather projects on my vendor forum at BCUSA: Badger Claw Leatherworks I really enjoy working with leather as a hobby. Most of my work is custom to a specific item. If someone wants a custom sheath I need the knife in hand to ensure a good fit and proper retention. But now I'm also working on a few patterns for commonly carried knives so that I can put them up for trade or sale. Here are a few unique pieces I have completed. Your comments are always welcome…

Rob Cook
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These small leather belt pouches are the perfect size to hold the miscellany of items necessary for the prepared adventurer; antivenom, spare parts, ammunition, bat-pills, 50 ft. silk rope, iron rations, and on the rare occasion, wallet, keys, or your phone. Oil-tanned leather gives these pouches an attractive, distressed look and will stand up well to the elements. A perfect addition to your steampunk, fantasy, or medieval costume, or just everyday wear. Height: 4in (10.1cm) Width: 4in…

Rekwaz Rowo