Leather repair

Revive your favorite leather items with expert repair solutions. Discover how to restore and extend the life of your leather furniture and accessories with our top tips and recommendations.
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Save money and learn how to restore leather furniture, leather shoes, leather purses, leather jackets, leather pants, leather anything in 4 easy steps with this DIY tutorial!

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Rips, tears, holes- are everyones nightmare when it comes to leather. Today I'll show you the best way so far on how I've been able to repair leather easily. A while ago I lucked out and scored a beautiful brown leather sectional on Facebook marketplace.

Bryann Jackson
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The Internet is filled with tutorials for fixing scratches on leather chairs and sofas- I know because I read at least a half-dozen of them when I adopted my leather Broyhill armchair from Craigslist. In excellent condition other than surface scratches, this find from the free section of Craigslist was well worth the short drive

Carolyn Genier
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There might be a time where you have something that is leather and it's peeling, but there are simple tips and tricks by Christy Lyn on YouTube on how to fix the peeling. This hack is not going to make the leather look perfect or brand new, but it prolongs your couch. You won't be

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