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Discover exciting LED project ideas to add a touch of brilliance to your space. Get inspired and unleash your creativity with these innovative LED projects.
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Make a PoV Display With ATtiny13 for $1: I was browsing through AliExpress sometime back and this particular listing caught my attention. 5 Pcs of ATtiny13 microcontrollers for ₹124, that's like $1.5. That's like $0.3 (₹25) per MCU. Isn't that amazing, a programmable microcontroller! for ₹…

David Sanchez
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Fiber Optic Matrix Display: Behold! This is a 35x7 RGB matrix display powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico and a bunch of WS2812B LEDs (Neopixels). I've never see anything quite like it on the internet before, hopefully I'm the first! The display is a bit absurd, as it takes a muc…