Lego party decorations

Transform your party into a colorful and fun-filled Lego extravaganza with these creative Lego party decorations. From brick-shaped banners to buildable centerpieces, find everything you need to make your party a hit!
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So your LEGO-mad child has a birthday coming up, and they are begging for a LEGO-themed party! Where to start? Here are 14 LEGO Party Ideas that will make sure Everything is Awesome (in the immortal words from The LEGO Movie), and that you're the coolest Mom/Dad on the block!

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Yiu-Shern's 6yo Lego Themed Party - 31 May 2015 We celebrated Shern's birthday last weekend, and we had a mini party at home. This time, we kept the party small with mostly relatives and just a few friends. And this year, Shern chose Lego-themed for his 6th birthday party! (Click to read about Shern's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Birthday Party) But the sad thing is my buddy Josie has temporarily closed down Favor-It-Shop due to personal reasons. So this means I have no one to help me do my…

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