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Jason Momoa Shows Off His Impressive Collection Of Leica Cameras And It's Making Photographers Jealous Films, People, Harley Davidson, Jason Momoa, Jason, Harley, Aquaman Actor, Leica Camera, Film

Jason Momoa has a few self-confessed addictions, he loves his Harley Davidsons, electric and bass guitars for example. Unsurprisingly, the photographer's son has a keen interest in cameras too and took to Instagram recently to show off his impressive collection of vintage and model Leica rangefinders.

Sabrina Baycroft with Sigma fp + 45/2.8 DG DN Contemporary Sabrina, Photographer, Exposure, Fotografie, Contemporary, Girl

A camera was once perceived as a magical and obscure device many believed it will capture and take away the soul of the person on the picture; as a photographer and an industrial designer, it is a very fascinated tool because at the instant of exposure everything was put to work to result in a picture. The camera has become much easier to use coming to the digital age and even more comfortable when basically all smartphones have at least one or two cameras. This blog is a collection of…

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Leica 50mm Noctilux-M ASPH f/0.95 Review by Thorsten Overgaard - Leitz 50mm Noctilux-M f/1.2 and the Leica 50mm Noctilux-M f/1.0 samples and article Photography, Documentary Photography, Playing Piano, Girl, Documentaries, Redhead Girl, Composition Photography, Leica Camera, Leica

King of the Night. It has a magic attraction to it, like a large diamond. And not unlike a real diamond, the glass for it is said to be prepared in underground ovens for a number of years. Even Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom used this precious diamond

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