Lisfranc injury

Learn about Lisfranc injuries, including their causes, symptoms, and treatment options. Discover how to prevent and recover from this common foot injury.
Footnotes: My LisFranc Injury and the Road to Recovery Injury Recovery, Foot Surgery Recovery, Dislocation, Surgery Recovery, Foot Surgery, Foot Injury, Injury, Lisfranc Injury, Muscle Anatomy

On 6/27/15, I sustained a significant fracture to my Lisfranc joint from a 10 foot fall during an obstacle course race. On 7/7/15, I had ORIF surgery to repair a commuted fracture to my navicular bone, fractures to my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cunieforms, a fractured cuboid, and dislocations of 4 metatarsal bones. This blog is my experience. Hopefully it will help others who have suffered this horrific injury and inspire you to overcome life's obstacles.

CC Wallace
Footnotes: My LisFranc Injury and the Road to Recovery: August 2015 Foot Surgery Recovery, Injury Recovery, Dislocation, Surgery Recovery, Lisfranc Injury, Foot Surgery, Surgery, Ankle Surgery, Injury

Well, my first session of physical therapy is in the books! I went to see the Lisfranc specialist and she is going to help me get range of motion back in preparation for walking again. I scheduled my 2nd foot surgery to remove some of my hardware for October 13th. Once those are out, I can start bearing weight on my foot. My doctor is conveniently out of town when I would have hit my 12 weeks, so I will be delayed by a week, but I'm still really excited! I'm no stranger to physical therapy…

Janèe Powell