Livestock guardian

Discover proven strategies to protect your livestock with effective livestock guardian techniques. Learn how to keep your animals safe and secure from predators, ensuring their well-being and your peace of mind.
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Many folks are confused about which breeds are considered livestock guardians and why these breeds are different from other dog breeds. Here is an article I wrote explaining this and listed the breeds that are considered livestock guardians.

Mike Fagains
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February, 2018 “Which one is mine?” I asked excitedly as I looked around at all the fluffy, white Great Pyrenees puppies competing for my attention. “That one in the corner,” pointed the breeder. “Are you sure?” I asked, as I looked at it doubtfully. The puppy was fast asleep. It couldn’t even be bothered to open more than one eye even when I picked him up. “He doesn’t seem like much of a livestock guardian dog,” I thought privately as I held the sleeping puppy in my arms and looked around…

Keith Steele