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Transform your indoor space with beautiful living walls. Explore top ideas to create a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere in your home.
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20+ Incredible Indoor Wall Garden Ideas For More Home Fresh - Indoor fountains can easily fill an entire room with a splashing, running water sound that is relaxing and calming in so many ways. Placing fountains on your walls does not take up any precious horizontal surface space such as tables and floors, yet it still allows for you to include a stunning water feature in a living room, a bathroom or a bedroom. The only necessary element you need to add to indoor wall fountains is moving…

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Remember when vertical gardens first hit the scene? They were glorious, but they all seemed to require access to a 20-story building, an impossibly high-tech irrigation system, and approximately three million dollars worth of plants. These days there are vertical gardens—and vertical garden tutorials—to suit every space, style, level of skill, greenness of thumb, and plant budget.

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