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11" LARGE BON BON DOLL: Unbox this all new BIG size of fan favorite character, Bon Bon. She's 11 inches tall. STYLISH FASHIONS: Bon Bon comes with cute, fabric fashions to unbox, including a jacket, skirt and bodysuit. Mix and match her pieces to create different looks and make the perfect outfit. ADORABLE ACCESSORIES: Unbox Bon Bon's cute shoes and backpack. And her earrings are wear and share. They fit the doll, and have an attachment, so you can wear them, too. ROLE PLAY UNBOXING: Each…

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We're kicking things off a little earlier this year!! Mariel & Mariah have been saving the very best gift ideas all year long for this VERY MOMENT! Serious. Anyone you need ideas for, we've got you covered. Just check back each weekday, for the next 3 weeks and you'll find a new post with even more of our picks! Feel free to share them with your friends and join our Facebook group of over 6k members, where we're sharing even more ideas. TODAY'S PICKS: GIFTS FOR GIRLS, AGES 3 TO 6

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Moonlight B.B. is an O.M.G. fashion doll from the Series 4.5 released in 2021. Her younger siblings are Dusk, Nightfall and Lil Dusk. The family also includes Dusk Raven. She was released alongside her best friend Sunshine Gurl. When their boxes are put together it forms the shape of a circle. Moonlight has a lighter skin-tone than most of the LOL OMG’s similar to Groovy Babe and Spicy Babe. She has dark blue hair, with the fronts of it being a more vibrant version of it, Spicy Babe’s eyes…