Low calorie sauces

Discover a variety of flavorful low calorie sauces that will add a burst of taste to your meals. Try these healthy alternatives to elevate your dishes to the next level.
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15 Low Calorie Pasta Sauces - Lose Weight By Eating

These 15 Low Calorie Pasta Sauces are all 100% all-natural and so easy to make!From my famous low calorie marinara sauce, to a butternut sauce (in photo), and even my 24 calorie pesto sauce!Special Tip: Some of these sauces include the pasta in the calorie count! I have noted those above.

Jonathan Harvey
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Healthy Copycat Chick-fil-A Sauce Weight Watchers

It’s my pleasure to introduce this chicken dipping sauce to all of you. BBQ sauce and mustard may sound like a strange mix, but it is absolutely heavenly. It is a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce that pairs perfectly with chicken nuggets. All plans - 1 SP for 2 TBSP

Samantha Russ
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Low Calorie Dip Recipes, Healthy Low Cal Sauces, Tarla Dalal

Low Calorie dips and sauces includes Eggplant dip, Garlic Tomato Salsa, Citrus Salsa, Cucumber Relish etc. Serve these low- calorie dips and sauces to your guests and enjoy it without any fear of gaining weight!

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Alfredo Greek Yogurt (13g Protein, Low Calories)

This Alfredo Greek Yogurt Pasta sauce is a lightened-up version of the traditional Alfredo sauce recipe. It's packed with proteins from Greek yogurt, lower in fats and calories but with the same delicious creamy garlic flavors you love.

Marissa Bowers

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